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It's a smart, multi-day collaboration space for a meeting. Participants collaborate on clearly assigned agenda items in a flexible fashion before, during, or after the meeting. Yaylo powers-up the meeting with AI-driven recommendations, higher meeting accountability and gives visibility into meeting outcomes and cost.

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Microsoft Partnership

Yaylo is a Microsoft partner and has received multiple grants from Microsoft year after year.
We are very thankful to Microsoft for their grants and commitment to support us in our journey.
Yaylo will continue with its mission to optimize meetings.

Yaylo selected by Microsoft

What experts say about meetings

What you cannot measure, you cannot manage. Yaylo offers deep insight into meeting data so organizations can improve their meeting success and overall business speed.

Why use Yaylo

It's a one-stop shop for meetings. It helps with design and facilitation of meetings. You can make more informed decisions by leveraging meeting analytics, deep search on meetings, and be aware of meetings that are causing major organizational drag.
Generate better ideas

A multi-day collaboration offers greater mental space for deeper thinking and improves collaboration.

Get Operational Intelligence

See progress, cost, and choke points in meetings and projects across your company.

Improved meeting efficinecy

Yaylo's AI powered recommendations increases meeting efficiency and improves meeting outcomes.

Reduce health impacts

Shrink the time spent in video calls and reduce the stress of back-to-back meetings.

Save on costs

Reduce the number of live meetings and the combined time spent in meetings.

Preserve business knowledge

Yaylo saves meetings data and its context for later review and preserves critical organizational knowledge.


Out of the box integration with enterprise applications.

Yaylo Integrations


Add Files

Attach data files from your local devices or multiple cloud storage services like Microsoft Office 365 or Google Drive.

See Insights

Get deep organizational insights and meeting analytics to have detailed visibility into operational intelligence and organization's performance.

Search Content

Find past meetings, agenda items, conversations, critical decisions, and more.

Our Timeline


Microsoft Teams

Yaylo is integrated with Microsoft Teams.

Meeting Analytics

Advance dashboard sections added with deeper insights.

Microsoft Grant

Yaylo receives new grant from Microsoft.


AI & Automation

New AI and automation capabilities added.

Easier Logins

Users can use their Google or Microsoft accounts to login.

Microsoft Grant

Yaylo receives grant from Microsoft.


Google Integration

Google Workspace (files, calendar, etc.) and cloud.

Microsoft Integration

Microsoft O365 (files, calendar, etc.) and cloud.

Microsoft Grant

Yaylo receives grant from Microsoft.

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About Us


Yaylo Inc. is an American software company based in the Washington D.C. area. Our SaaS solution optimizes meetings.

Our Vision

Profoundly increase meeting efficiency across the world.
Using Yaylo's platform and process, organizations can empower all their employees to run highly efficient meetings. This can have a huge impact on organization's business success.


Our SaaS platform offers Automation capabilities, AI features and industry recommended efficiency techniques. Yaylo's flexible architecture easily integrates with enterprises applications and major cloud vendors.


Our award winning team consists of technical experts with 15+ years of industry experience and have technical graduate degrees. They have led projects for Fortune 500 companies and U.S. government.

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